Best Dog Food For Dachshunds

Dachshund is basically a small-breed dog that is well known for its short legs and a long body. People usually prefer to pet this variety of dog since they tend to have a pleasant and friendly personality. Also, they look quite decent with floppy ears, and thus, are loved by almost everyone. These Dachshunds are intelligent dogs, and were originally bred for the purpose of hunting. Whatsoever, it is important to make sure that they are fed with an appropriate diet, without which these cute little organisms will fall sick. Also, they have a smaller tummy which make them much more prone to digestive issues and other related complications. 

What Do Dachshunds Like to Eat?

best dog food for dachshunds with skin allergies

Dachshunds are small dogs and are more susceptible to health complications. Hence, taking a proper care of their diet is mandatory. Besides, giving them a proper diet, you should also take care of their exercise and make sure that you are taking it for a walk or a jog every morning. 

Just like any other dog, Dachshunds also own the same basic nutritional requirements. Since they are small breed dogs, they tend to have fast metabolisms and thus, have a higher need for calories in their diet. However, they tend to need plenty of protein in their diet to support the lean muscle mass and prevent obesity. Protein and fat derived from animal sources would be the best to meet the body requirement of these Dachshunds. Besides, plant sources can also be considered to supplement their diet and offer them the desired nutritional balance. 

You can always prefer to offer homemade meals to your Dachshunds. However, you may also go for packaged food items. Make sure that you read the labels and the composition well prior to the purchase. Prefer to buy dog foods containing sardine, chicken meal, salmon and whitefish recipes, as your dog is sure to prefer it!

How Much Should I Feed My Dachshunds?

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Since Dachshunds usually come in two different sizes: miniature and standard; wherein the former stands only 5-6 inches tall and weighs around 11 pounds, the latter is 8-9 inches tall and weighs up to 32 pounds at the time of maturity. Feeding him a high-quality diet is the best way to help your dog love a long life free of any ailments. 

Try to include joint supporting nutrients such as chondroitin and glucosamine in your little one’s diet as that will provide a relief to your dog from musculoskeletal issues which is quite common among this breed. Besides, Dachshund is more prone to back troubles and in vertebral disc disease due to its compressed body shape and poor genetics. Also, they tend to develop diabetes more frequently than any other breed of dog. Therefore, make sure that your dog is not overweight. 

Since Dachshunds are deep-chested breeds, they tend to swallow air while eating, or may also occur if they eat or drink too much at a time. Make sure that your dog isn’t developing gastric dilation as it will threaten your pup’s life otherwise!

Dachshunds are dogs will smaller tummies, and thus, you should consider feeding them more frequently than any other dog instead of focusing on the quantity of meal being offered to them. Yeah, it is important to make sure that your dog is able to digest the previously consumed food before it intakes the next one.

Dachshunds foods to avoid

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Here are a few food items that you must avoid offering to your Dachshund:

Chocolates: It might be your favorite food, but make sure that you aren’t giving it out to your Dachshund. Chocolates tend to hurt dogs as they are baked. Also, avoid offering them dark chocolates as it causes an equal amount of harm to your pup. It may lead your dog to vomit and diarrhea. 

Onions and garlic: A doze of onions and garlic may cause a reduction in the RBC count of your dog, which can make it susceptible to anemia too! 

Fatty meat such as bacon: Fat on bacon and other kinds of meat generally tend to cause turmoil in dachshunds. Also, the high amount of fat and grease in the meats may lead them to suffer from pancreatitis. 

Raw meat: Vets will never suggest the consumption of raw meat as ‘healthy’ for your Dachshund. This is because raw meat usually has a higher chance to increase the growth of microbes in your pup’s gut, making it vulnerable to different kinds of diseases. 

Peanut butter: Presence of an additive such as Xylitol can make your dog suffer, and thus, avoiding it is an ideal option. 

Salt or salty food: An excess amount of salt in snacks and foods may lead your dog to get sodium ion poisoning. Too much of salt may also cause your dog to drink excess water, thereby leading it to bloating and death at times. 

Sweets and candy: Sugar is never a good option for dogs, particularly the Dachshunds. It may cause seizures, vomiting, loss of coordination and even death. 

Best Dog Food For Dachshunds

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food Small Breed Recipe

Wellness CORE Natural Dry Dog Food Small Breed

Wellness CORE Small Breed Recipe is a fantastic selection for the majority of dachshunds, and it’s packed with lots of high quality ingredients. Regardless of being a grain-free recipe, it includes high-fiber ingredients that will help ensure smooth digestive purpose to the puppy.


Wellness CORE has an extremely impressive ingredient record that satisfies each the wants you would have from a top dog food, and it attempts to address lots of the issues to that dachshunds are exposed. Also, most pet owners who have tried the food record their pet finds it yummy.


The sole downside to Wellness CORE is the cost; it’s among the most expensive foods in this particular review. But if money is no object, this produces a phenomenal option, as it is our best pick in regards to quality.

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Small Breed Fish & Brown Rice

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Healthy Weight Dog Food

Blue Buffalo’s Little Soy Fish & Brown Rice formula supplies precisely the kind of healthy ingredients that your low-and-loveable dachshund needs — particularly for pups that love fish!


Blue Buffalo boasts among the very impressive ingredient lists one of the foods researched, and it makes an perfect choice for the majority of dachshunds. Blue Buffalo is not only a high quality food — it’s also the least expensive of those five meals recommended in this review.


Consumers have reported hardly any complaints regarding Blue Buffalo. But it will be wonderful to find that the #2 component be meat protein too.

NUTRO Adult Best Dog Food For Dachshunds

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken

Nutro Adult Small Breed is a great alternative for dachshund owners that are devoted to providing their pet with a high quality food in a marginally lower price-point, made especially with small breeds in your mind. Along with high quality proteins, Nutro Small Breed is made out of whole grains to prevent the empty calories elegant grains supply.


Nutro supplies most of everything you would want at a top dog food, with no premium price . Even though it’s missing a few of the whistles and bells that a number of foods provide, it provides your dog with a healthy, healthful diet to keep him happy for many years to come.


Even though Nutro Small Breed meals comes with quite a few high quality supplements and ingredients, it lacks antioxidants, which might be helpful for making sure that your dachshund digests his food nicely.

Taste of the Wild Appalachian Flavor Small Breed Dog Food

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Taste of the Wild, Small Breed Appalachian Recipe is a meat-based dog food which lists actual venison as the primary ingredient. Made to reflect the diet of wild canids, Taste of the Wild will appeal to a small dachshund’s inner wolf.


Taste of the Wild is filled with top quality proteins, vegetables and fruits to make sure a well-balanced diet plan. However, it might also be a fantastic alternative for puppies suffering from allergies, as a result of its dependence on venison and lamb meal — both of which are infrequent among dog foods, and comparatively unlikely to activate your puppy’s allergies.


Like many other premium pet foods with remarkable ingredients, Taste of the Wild is also a costly choice. But, it’s well worth the value, provided its excellent taste and high nutritional value.

Dachshunds Puppy Feeding Schedule And Guidelines

Dachshunds tend to have specific requirements for carbohydrates in their diet, however, they have a limited ability to digest this macro-nutrient. Besides, there are a subtle amount of differences in the diet needs of the miniature Dachshunds and the standard sized ones. Thus, you should consult a vet prior to determining their calorie intake. 

Both the miniature and standard Dachshunds tend to have a higher risk of allergies than all other breeds. Hence, you should limit the consumption of ingredients that may have a chance to trigger the allergy in your pup, such as grains. 

Also, make sure that you allow your pup to feed on its mom’s milk till it becomes at least 3 months old, post which you may choose to introduce other foods to it. Also, make sure that you read the labels thoroughly before giving it a product that is shopped from the local stores, or the one purchased online.

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