Best Dog Food For Shih tzu

Owning a pup is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yeah, it is no less than taking care of a young baby. Just as you have to remain cautious all the time about your toddler’s feeding and all that it is intaking, you will have to do the same for a dog as well. This chart of to-do things becomes longer when you go for Shih Tzu. Certainly, these little ones are too cute to handle, but at the same time, they are picky eaters which make it difficult for the owner to segregate the eatables right! Besides, this toy breed is too susceptible to different kinds of ailments and thus, you ought to remain extra conscious about its diet so that it does not become prone to diseases. You should always be careful about your Shih Tzu’s eating habits and never compromise on its diet, as it will either compel you to turn up to a veterinarian or make your little one suffer! Certainly, you would not want to witness either of the situations! 

What Do Shih tzu Like to Eat?

As earlier discussed, Shih Tzu are picky eaters, hence, you cannot offer it anything and everything. However, just like any other pet, Shih Tzus are good to have chicken meals and other animal products. Make sure that your Shih Tzu isn’t deficit of animal protein, and thus, meat could be a great option. Also, take care that your dog is receiving all the required vitamins and minerals. 

Some of the commonly served food items to Shih Tzu include lamb, fish, whole chicken meat, yoghurt and more. However, you can also count some plant supplements too, in case you want! In that scene, you may also consider feeding sweet potatoes, potatoes, peas, cranberries and blueberries. You may also provide some amount of cottage cheese and brown rice in its diet. 

Make sure that you research a bit on your part to know what other breeders are offering to their Shih Tzu. In case you still have a doubt, you can always ask your vet to know if that is really healthy for your pup or not. Last but not the least, you can always note the likes and dislikes of your pet and try analyzing things for yourself. Notice the portions that your dog prefers to have, and the ones that it refrains from! Also, take a note of the amount of time it requires to finish a meal so that you can track it as your pup’s appetite changes! 

Shih tzu food to avoid

You may also go for packaged items if you want, but make sure that you read through the labels thoroughly prior to the purchase. Make sure that you research about an ingredient in case you have got a doubt about any! Here are a few food items that are to be avoided:

  1. Chocolate: Keep your pup away from baked or dark chocolates and cakes as they can prove to be extremely dangerous to your Shih Tzu. Also, it can lead your dog to vomit which may serve as a toxin to its nervous system. 
  2. Cow’s milk: It is better to avoid serving cow milk or other dairy products to the Shih Tzu as it tends to contain lactose that dogs seem to find quite hard to digest. Too much of dairy products can even lead your dog to diarrhea. 
  3. Onions: Feeding onions to this toy breed may affect the red blood cells within its body, thereby leading it to get anemia.
  4. Mushrooms: Avoid adding mushroom to your pup’s diet as it will make it susceptible to abdominal pain. 
  5. Raw egg: Always offer cooked egg instead of raw meat to your Shih Tzu as the latter comprises of bacteria which may lead to infection in its gut. 
  6. Bread dough: The presence of yeast in bread may swell in the intestine, which may also lead to a blockage therein. 
  7. Sweets and candies: The presence of an artificial sweetener called xylitol increases the insulin production which in turn, would prove to be harmful for your Shih Tzu. 
  8. Macadamia Nuts: Incorporating this into your dog’s diet mat may it susceptible to kidney stones. Keeping it away is the ideal option! 

10 Best Dog Food For Shih tzu Available Online

Wellness CORE Natural Dry Dog Food Small Breed

Wellness CORE Natural Dry Dog Food Small Breed

This highly rated and popular Hill’s Science Diet senior dry dog food is designed to support the joint health and immune system function of senior small breed dogs.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Best Dog Food For Shih tzu

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition Best Dog Food For Shih tzu

Royal Canin Shih Tzu Adult dry dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of purebred Shih Tzus 10 months and older.Helps reduce amount of stools and stool odor with highly digestible proteins, precise fiber content, and high-quality carbohydrate sources

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Small Bites

This dry food is formulated for specific aging needs of your toy or small breed dog Easy-to-digest ingredients help support energy levels, and keep a healthy immune system

Best homemade food for shih tzu

While you take a note of the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ foods to be offered to your Shih Tzu, you can always keep a food journal along with you and note if anything goes differently. Home-made foods are always the best options ever, as you are sure of all the ingredients being added, and thus, you have no doubt about the same. 

While noting the micro-nutrient portions, and the essentials, we have described the preparation of a recipe that is briefed right here!

Take a large saucepan and pour 1.5 cups of brown rice into it. Cool the rice in 3 cups of water and keep it aside. Then, add 1 tablespoon of olive oil and 3 pounds of ground turkey into it when heated. Coin it for 3-5 minutes in medium heat until it gets browned. You can also mix 3 cups of chopped baby spinach, 2 shredded carrots and 1 shredded zucchini along with a half cup of canned or frozen peas. Add the brown rice into the mixture and keep cooking all of it for the next 5-8 minutes. Cool it down and it’s ready to serve! 

Shih tzu Puppy Feeding Schedule And Guidelines

The feeding schedule of your Shih Tzu varies based on the age and weight of the dog. While it is still young, you would need to feed it 3-4 times in a day. A 5th feeding midnight would be even better! 

As it grows up, you may choose to reduce the frequency up to thrice a day. Make sure that you do not increase the quantity of the meals, rather give small portions in multiple times. 

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