The Best Dog Food for Yorkies

If you own a Yorkie, you need to be super conscious about the foods to be fed to your dog, and the foods that you must avoid. Since Yorkies are prone to hypoglycemia, frequent feeding can combat this issue to at least some extend. Since this dog breed tends to have small stomachs, and certain specific nutritional requirements, you need to take care of its diet and be even more conscious about the same! 

What Do Yorkies Like to Eat?

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Yorkies require a consistent diet full of carbohydrates, vegetables, protein and fruits. You must keep in mind that the main ingredient of your Yorkie’s food must comprise of high-quality protein including that of fish, lamb, chicken or turkey. Some of the commonly fed Yorkie food options include:

You may count the grain-free dog food that is available mainly for small breeds, like that of Yorkies. Also, you can add fruits and veggies that will provide your pup with the necessary amounts of vitamins and antioxidants. 

Make sure that your Yorkshire Terrier is consuming the right mix of all the nutrients. Besides, keep a check on the daily water consumption of your dog without which it might own up several digestive issues. While the pup is still young, you may consider feeding a commercial toy or packaged foods meant for small breed puppies to keep it safe and not susceptible to any kind of ailments

Yorkie foods to avoid

A bit of knowledge might not lead you to hurt your Yorkshire terrier and put it into trouble for just no reason. Here are a few things to avoid feeding your Yorkie:

  1. Chocolate:
    Yeah, it could be your favorite, but you cannot allow your Yorkie to feed on it. Chocolates may prove to be fatal for your dog, be it the milk-made ones, or any other, to be on the safer side. Chocolates contain a xanthine compound, known as the theobromine, which would prove to be harmful to your little one. 
  1. Grapes:
    Although the substance present in the grapes harming the dog isn’t yet deciphered, they are known to affect the Yorkie’s kidneys. Avoiding it is thus, one of the best options!
  1. Onions, chives, and garlic:
    Both onions and garlic have a toxin present in them known as thiosulphate which has been harming the health of Yorkies. It is known that even the chives contain traces of the same. 
  1. Macadamia Nuts:
    Veterinary doctors and dog breeders say that these nuts tend to contain a toxin, which should not be fed to Yorkies. 
  1. Persimmons:
    It is known that persimmons tend to result in intestinal blockage in smaller dog breeds, particularly the Yorkies. 
  1. Bones:
    Small bones, particularly the ones from chicken can split and splinter, as well as, may cause stomach lacerations, leading to a choking hazard among the dogs.
  1. Pits of fruits and seeds:
    The pits of fruits and seeds contain a toxin known as cyanide which may lead to food poisoning in Yorkies including other dogs too!
  1. Mushrooms:
    You may love to have mushrooms, but do not feed it to your Yorkie as it may lead to liver and kidney problems for your pup. 
  1. Sugar-free food products:
    They may contain Xylitol and cause liver failure in several smaller dog breeds.
  1. Raw meat or eggs:
    Raw meat may contain E. Coli and Salmonella, and raw eggs contain an enzyme called Avidin, which in turn, would reduce the absorption of Vitamin B, essential for a good skin. 
  1. Nutmeg:
    Yorkies consuming nutmeg may suffer from tremors and seizures resulting in a damage to their central nervous too as well. 
  1. Avocados:
    It may cause a choking hazard due to the presence of its pit. Consequently, the presence of Persin in avocados may cause an upset stomach to your Yorkie. 
  1. Salt-rich foods:
    Giving too much of salt to your Yorkie may lead to thirst, excessive urination, as well as, sodium poisoning. Some of the common symptoms include diarrhea, depressions tremors, vomiting, elevated body temperature, and seizures. 

How Much To Feed A Yorkie Puppy?

Since Yorkies have small stomachs that aren’t able to hold much of the food, it is important to feed it more frequently and at regular intervals. These small puppies will require eating more often than larger breeds. 

Veterinary doctors and dog breeders generally suggest to give small portion sizes to yorkies to prevent over-eating. It would be rather great if you can keep a journal along with you and thus, note all the details so that you can detect in case its appetite changes! 

Yorkie Puppy Feeding Schedule and Guidelines

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Yorkies generally require to be fed at least four times in a day, based on its size and weight. However, as it grows up, you can reduce the frequency up to thrice a day. Aim to feed your puppy every three to four hours. However, it is even more ideal if you can conduct a fifth time feeding during the night. Also, count the amount of time that your dog takes to complete a meal. 

Since Yorkies are prone to hypoglycemia or low blood sugar, you should consider keeping a supplement on hand. Make sure that you have a track of its energy level so that it isn’t burning too much of energy without replenishing it. 

The Best Food for Yorkies

Yorkshire terriers are among the smallest dog breeds round. Even though your dog might not occupy much space in your house, he takes up a great deal of room in your heart and that he deserves the very best nutrition you can provide him. To assist you make a wise option, we have constructed a listing of the best foods for Yorkies dependent on the recommendations we have made previously.

Here are our top picks for the best food for Yorkies.

ORIJEN Puppy High-Proteins Best Food for Yorkies

ORIJEN Puppy High-Protein, Grain-Free, Premium Quality Meat, Dry Dog Food

Made with 85% superior creature ingredients such as meat, organs, and bone, this tender dog food provides biologically appropriate nourishment (in other words, a diet very similar to what a pet’s puppy ancestors ate from the wild) to nourish your pet’s growth and development.

Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Packed with protein and organic taste, this grain-free dry food contains actual venison as the #1 ingredient together with supplemental protein out of lamb, duck, and fish.

NUTRO ULTRA Small & Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

NUTRO ULTRA Small & Toy Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

If your vet recommends an old recipe to encourage your Yorkie’s joint health, this Nutro little breed formula comes with a trio of top animal proteins using nutrient-rich superfoods.

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken

With farm-raised chicken as the first ingredient, this protein-rich dry food is packed with healthful nutrients from organic resources and devised for toy breed moms such as your Yorkie.

Instinct Original Small Breed Grain Free

Instinct Original Small Breed Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Dog Food

Adding cage-free poultry with fresh vegetables and fruits, this high-protein canned foods is stuffed with real, wholesome ingredients with no additives or artificial additives.

How to Shop for Yorkie Food?

The food you feed to the Yorkie depends largely on the age, size, and weight of your dog. Quality and nutrition are always essential when it comes to feeding your Yorkie. If you are a newbie and have no prior idea about what to feed to your Yorkie, you can either count the recommendations of your vet or read through the labels of dog foods to know which one of them would suit the best for your dog, based on its size, pounds it weighs, and the calories that it tends to burn in a day. You can check our best recommended Yorkie food or Google and grab the information from there, as well!

FAQ About Best Dog Food For Yorkies

Yorkies terriers is the one of the smallest dog breed so it will eat frequently in a day for Best dog food for yorkies terriers read our complete review

Instinct brand is popular for allergies dog food.It have high protein and stuffed with real meat…

Yorkies is small breed consider any dog food which comes for small dog breed.

Nutro wholesome essentials natural

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