How to CLICKER TRAIN Your Dog Complete Guide

Clicker Training is also known as ‘mark and reward.’ It is basically a form of positive reinforcement when it comes to dog training. The clicker is basically a marker which communicates your command instantly to your pup. However, there is a trick to make it work! It is important to understand that each and every click has a timing and that is essential. Also, every click needs to be followed with a reward. This will help your dog know that it’s doing good, so that it goes on repeating the same! 

What is clicker training and how does it work?

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Dogs keep on repeating behaviours when you reward them, and thus, positive reinforcement happens to play the biggest role when it comes to puppy training. Consequently, a clicker or a marker is basically a tool that can make positive reinforcement training even more efficient. A clicker tends to become a conditioned reinforcer when it is associated with a treat. It can be either a sound, or a gentle tap on its shoulder. 

This technique is based on the science of animal training and a clicker is nothing but a small mechanical noisemaker. According to this procedure, it is said that the behaviours that are rewarded are more likely to be repeated in the future days. Therefore, it is the job of a trainer to see that none of the actions of the dog are going ignored, and if is always praised when it is going right. It is said that when you choose to tell about your dog a out all that are to be done, instead of telling what is not to be done will make a more positive impact on instructing your pup about how to behave! 

How does this clicker training help?


There is nothing magical about clicker training and it is just a method by which your dog perceives a message that you want to convey to it. The most important thing about this process is time and consistency. The click marks the right moment and is an indication to your pup about a gift that is on the way! 

It is usually given to the dog when it does exactly the way you want it to do! However, do not be too quick in offering the reward to it. Your pup should be able to realize the reason of receiving the reward. Another amazing aspect of this method is that your dog will love the training schedule more, and will become more interested in learning. 

You cannot expect your pup to learn everything all at once. Try to understand that if needs time, but you cannot escape it either! It is a reliable technique to shape your dog’s behaviour. You can gradually stop using the market when your dog successfully picks up a habit since this is just how the training is being conducted in order to capture any particular behavior. However, stay calm and be patient till your dog adapts it completely!

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