Ringing Potty Bell to Go Outside (Dog Potty Bell Training) | 3 Simple Step

Potty training happens to be one of the crucial aspects of your training procedure for your pup. It is important to give some sort of indication to your dog so that it knows when to go outside and do its regular task of emptying the stomach. Certainly, ringing a bell and then compelling your dog to go outside is a great trick when it comes to house-training. If you have got a puppy recently, make sure that you teach it at the earliest while it is still young. This will make things easier for your pup to learn, as well as, for you to teach it the same thing! 

However, if your dog is a grown up, it’s never too late to start, and you should get it trained now! Here’s how you should be doing it:

3 Simple Step to Train Any dog Ringing potty Bell

dog rings bell to go outside all the time

Step 1:  While your pup hasn’t adapted itself to the procedure, hold the bell close to its nose. As it touches the bell, offer it a treat. Repeat this process until and unless your pup touches the bell with its nose readily. As you see its growing confidence to touch the bell in repeated items, try to hold the bell a little farther away and now see if it touches it! 

how to teach a dog to ring a service bell

Step 2:  When you are successfully done with the first step, hang the bell from the doorknob and make a sound for the puppy to come up to it and touch it. You can also say a word, like “touch” or “bell” and allow your dog to respond to your command. Reward the dog every time it does according to your instruction. 

Step 3:  This is the most vital step of the entire procedure as it determines if your dog learns to touch the bell at the right time. It will help you get an idea when it needs you to take it out for potty. Your pup will gradually come to know that every time it touches the bell, you are going to take it outside. 

best dog bell for potty training

Note:  There might be a situation when you see your pup ringing the bell to go outside and play. In that case, you need to teach it that ringing the bell signifies just one thing, and that is, “potty time.” It may take some time to pick up your instructions, but it will, and when you see it eliminating its stool, offer it a treat right away. In case it does not perform its business, take your pup back. This will give your puppy a clear idea about how things are to be done, for it will receive the treat only if it eliminates while you took it out. 

Last but not the least, make sure that you have enough patience for your pup wouldn’t be able to catch up with your command and coaching overnight. You cannot expect it that way. It takes time, but it is sure to fall in place! 

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